Saturday, September 27, 2008

Education makes the mind think

What is education? Let's just try some seemingly convincing options.

(1) 2^1/2 = 1.414...
Is it the ability and knowledge of mathematics, science, history and the countless other subjects. well it does seem to be. but haven't we seen the best of the trained and learned brains indulging in making of nuclear bombs and using them too.
we definitely need to make it more inclusive. lets try another option.
(2) God is one....
is it about the religion, about the god, about union with God. Well people claim so and do have conviction in it being so, but haven't we seen people destroying the idols of others gods because their god is far superior.
(3) MBA annual package 7 lac., cost to company....
is it about the acquisition of glamorous degrees from reputed universities which increases your rates not just in the corporate world but also as a bright prospect for being bride groom. Well you definitely worked hard to clear the entrance exams. but haven't we seen these packages to go down with the slump in the market.
there may be numerous other options to try and infinite arguments to question their sufficiency. we can include all of them but can we be sure that it would be sufficient.

Swami Vivekananda once said -
" Education is the manifestation of perfection already in man."

what is this perfection which is always there in us but we seldom seem to realize or identify. To be born as a human is good but is it sufficient. We are born, we live, we grow, we learn, we earn, we marry, we reproduce, we die and then again we are born.....
But do we ever put a why and if we do, do we find a satisfactory answer and if we do then do we put another why and so on.
Education is the process of self evolution, self assessment and much more self processes which ultimately make you selfless.

Well education is not something to define, it is there to refine.

what exactly is education? let's make our mind think