Wednesday, December 19, 2007


What is the most important differentiating Truth about you, which stands out for you and you stand out for it. Your sex – everyone has one, age – accompanies you till the end, race – which Darwin’s slow evolution can never outpace, religion – no choice but to have it, caste – truly indigenous, place of origin – attributed to parent’s lack of vision, pronunciation – something of your own, accent – the breeze of your mother land, color – the picture would be so dull without. Each one of us always has each one of these Truths and with a little effort we can find out which ones to be ashamed of so that rest you can proudly be proud of. There is no middle way here. We either feel proud of them or ashamed as these are truths and we should have strong feelings associated with truths, which we do have.

Now, the question arises how you decide which truths you should be ashamed of. Well, I think it is pure common sense, which should be used commonly and not personally. So, we don’t find such truths for ourselves as that would be too selfish. By common use of this common sense we find such truths about others as they do same for us. It is a mutually benefiting, free of cost, spontaneous process for the common good. So, we know their truths and they know ours. And, we feel so selfless and truthful while doing this, like a true community servent. It gives us some divine pleasure. Truths, acutally, always have some element of divinity attached to them. So, all of us do it all the time for all of us. But merely knowing the Truth is not enough like merely knowing the God is not. In the larger interest of community and humanity we must propagate Him as well as Truths. A Truth not said is equivalent to a lie and lies are sins, sins are bad, and so non-divine. So, we don’t miss the first opportunity and in fact any opportunity to avoid the sins we might have commited by not telling the truth. Probably, we don’t want anyone to forget that there are certain things about him which make him so very different from the rest. And ‘different’ is actually a ‘politically correct word’ for this ‘morally correct world’. We think that just being ashamed of the truths is not enough. We need proof of it and whenever we feel that somebody is just going to forget it, we would make sure that he doesn’t and we have quite a straight forward way of doing it. We believe that the best way to say something is to say it and the best time to say truths is always there as it so divine. We genuinely feel that what is true, is true for one and for all and therefore, should come out before everybody all the time. And if it sounds bad, let it after all its Truth, we must face it.


rishabh said...

bhai atal ji waali kavita yahaan pe post hone ke kaabil hai
duniya bhi toh dekhe unke seene mein dhadakta kaisa dil hai
us kavita ko post karke sab ka uddhar karo
aur chehre pe muskaan lake sabka bantadhar karo ;)

Anonymous said...

well done vineet