Sunday, July 27, 2008

Negatively Positive

My Girl would be ugliest of all creations. So ugly, with not even a tinch of beauty.

She would be so uncommonly common that even the most commonly uncommon would not care to look at her again and even in that world of utter negligence, I would make her feel like heaven because that's me for her.

She would not be someone special for me. In fact, she would be commonest of all but......... the only one.

Her presence would not bring any wonders to my life but would give me such a known ambiance that I would not even know her being present.

She would not give me any reason to live but she would eliminate all the reasons for which I will have to look for the reasons to live.

She would not be one, I can not live without but one whom I would live with if ever with anybody.

And still, I would never say that I love her as I do not believe in such stupid states of mind.

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